Project Update: CAMERA – We Pleased to announce the successful demonstration of InnoTecUK’s first construction site robot

Project news: CAMERA – We are pleased to announce the successful demonstration of one of our collaborative projects CAMERA

CAMERA – InnoTecUK’s first construction robot

Pleased to announce the successful  demonstration of  InnoTecUK’s first construction site robot: CAMERA – A prototype mobile platform designed for flexible task execution in the construction and manufacturing industries)

Construction accounts for a huge amount of the UK GDP. Using complex supply chains substantial assets (houses, commercial/public buildings, infrastructure) are constructed via component manufacture, off-site pre-assembly and on-site finishing.

Whilst the size of the construction industry suggests that there should be many opportunities for the use of robotics, uptake has been slow due to often bespoke projects, complex supply chains and fluctuating demand leading to a risk-averse approach to investment.

The CAMERA project partners (InnoTec UK, HALrobotics, Skanska and ABB) however identified that to achieve substantial productivity savings, it is essential that the robots used in the construction sector can be easily moved between task locations in dynamic environments where humans are also present and easily adapted to new tasks without the need for skilled systems configuration personnel, recognising new locations relative to activities being carried out. More here: CAMERA Project


  • Successful demonstration of the CAMERA Project in London. Watch the full video below:


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CAMERA is a result of a research project co-funded by the Innovate UK no. 102902.