InnoTecUK’s paper is highly commended by the renowned Emerald Publishing

InnoTecUK’s paper is highly commended by the renowned Emerald Publishing

While at the 21st International Conference of Climbing and Walking Robots and Support Technologies, InnoTecUK’s paper was highly commended by the renowned Emerald Publishing Industrial Robot Journal. 



Authored by A J. Gmerek, Angelos Plastropoulos and Gurvinder S. Virk. 

The Scope of the paper

The construction sector has not yet shown the productivity improvements seen in other sectors, despite the efforts of many to device smarter solutions to address a variety of tasks that need to be carried out on building sites.

Current state of the art in the application of robotic technology for construction applications shows that, whilst single processes can be automated, existing system solutions do not deliver the flexibility and reconfigurability needed to generate overall productivity improvements in a cost-effective manner.

The paper presented work carried out to develop the robotic platform for construction site tasks the Innovate UK funded project CAMERA: A prototype mobile platform designed for flexible task execution in the construction and manufacturing industries. The main output of the project is the realisation of a novel mobile manipulator able to move around construction sites and carry out tasks such as drilling holes in ceilings; such tasks carried out automatically by mobile robots will revolutionise the construction industry and the work is being followed up in another recently approved project where human-robot collaborations will be addressed.

The paper can be found in EMERALD’s Industrial Robot – International Journal of Robotics Research and Application, which includes high quality papers covering all aspects of robotic technology and reflects the most interesting and strategically important research and development activities from around the world.

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