InnoTecUK introduces 2 inspection platforms at the international exhibition in Materials Testing ‘MT 2017’

InnoTecUK introduces 2 inspection crawlers at the international exhibition in Materials Testing ‘MT 2017’

In September of 2017, InnoTecUK attended the prestigious BINDT: British institute of Non-Destructive Testing’s ‘Material Testing 2017’ (MT-17)exhibition.

Whilst at  ‘Materials Testing 2017’ exhibition in Telford, UK, InnoTecUK capitalised on the platform to introduce two new Inspection platforms NEPTUNE and ICM Rover (in collaboration with ICM-USA).

Both inspection platforms: NEPTUNE and ICM Rover like the ones before them HUNTER and VortexScanner were able to, through their uniqueness, capture the attention of many at the International centre in Telford.

Based on feedback gathered from our friends who stopped by our stand, not only were they fascinated by the exceptional features of our Inspection platforms but their Inspection capabilities, ability to be easily deployed and the friendly and supportive nature of our team of experts who were ready to answer their every question.

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