InnoTecUK attends the Bioengineering conference: Innovation through convergence

InnoTecUK attends the Bioengineering conference: Innovation through convergence

This event organised by Cambridge University’s Engineering Department, in conjunction with the IMechE Biomedical Engineering Division, provided a platform to showcase current collaborations between engineers scientists and the wider biological and biomedical community, with the aim of building bridges between researchers and practitioners in these areas.

We capitalised on this event to present some of our ground-breaking work addressing the Unmet needs of patients and medical professionals, as InnoTecUK seeks to expand its innovation activities to the medical device sector. 

Some of the projects presented include:

  1. A-PATH: A project aimed at developing affordable commercial wearable robotic solutions fit for the Indian and UK healthcare markets, targeting the ageing population and more. Thus, helping people with motion problems regain control over their limbs, increase their mobility and or augment their capability to walk.
  2. Thermotect: A novel portable thermography–based health detection application for use as a highly efficient, less invasive, more convenient and safe breast cancer screening tool in India.
  3. H-COP: A project aimed at revolutionising Human-centred orthopaedics and prosthetics.

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