InnoTecUK attends ‘Robots in society’ conference organised by CLAWAR

InnoTecUK attends ‘Robots in society’ conference organised by CLAWAR

There are many reasons why robotics and autonomous systems are being hailed as key elements of Industry v4.0. A vast number of tasks that were previously only possible to be carried out by humans are now being performed by robots and automated machinery to levels of perfection exceeding what humans are able to achieve. For example, service and medical robots are able to help in healthcare applications and in domestic and professionalsectors. Industrial robots have been working tirelessly on manufacturing lines since the 1960s are now also developing collaborative modes to increase productivity and efficiency (see Industrial robots and Collaborative industrial robots).

In the near future, we will have to establish even stronger relationships with robots once we begin entrusting them with greater levels of autonomy in carrying out safety critical tasks, such as conducting a complex surgical procedure or looking after elderly persons.

Statistics from the United Nations (UN) reveal that the population aged 65 and over will continue to increase to alarming levels soon and the number of carers available will decrease causing us to rely heavily on assistive technologies. As a result, it becomes important for us to develop the needed technologies urgently.

Our Team of experts at CLAWAR’s ‘Robots in society’ Event 2 benefited form this platform to discuss and demonstrate how InnoTecUk is actively working hard towards resolving these societal challenges.

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