InnoTecUK introduces the new Hunter – A cost-effective magnetic adhesion NDT inspection crawler

HUNTER – InnoTecUK’s Advanced Magnetic Adhesion Inspection Crawler.

HUNTER is a modular remote access crawler designed for cost-effective NDT ultrasonic imaging of ferromagnetic structures such as storage tanks, pressure vessels, large diameter pipes and ship hulls without the need for rope access; thus, eliminating potential risks associated with manual inspections specifically in hazardous or difficult to access terrains.

HUNTER’s Benefits:

  • HUNTER’s unique advantage is its ability to conduct both statutory inspection and Risk Based Inspection (RBI), guaranteeing cost savings for the asset owners.
  • HUNTER’s intuitive user interface allows it to be deployed and controlled by a single operator with ease.
  • HUNTER significantly improves the quality of data collected as it moves over inspection surfaces, providing audit-able results with the elimination of human error. 

To view HUNTER’s brochure click here: HUNTER Brochure. 

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