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Innovative Technology and Science Ltd

North Wing, Old Livery, Hildersham Road, Cambridge, CB21 6DR, United Kingdom


InnoTecUK’s technology platforms are conceived in pursuit of two main goals: Access without limits
  • Whether your application requires wall/ceiling climbing (metallic and non-metallic surfaces), swimming (including intrinsically safe capability to work in oil or water), pipe crawling, fully autonomous or umbilical control, we have the answers.
Inspect without limits
  • The deployment of an extensive portfolio of ruggedised, non-destructive testing instruments, together with autonomous robotic platforms is opening up hitherto impossible or high risk inspection tasks. What ever asset requires inspection, we are up to the challenge!

HUNTERHUNTER Hunter is an advanced inspection platform using magnetic force adherence technology, designed to navigate and operate with ease on ferrous surfaces located in inaccessible and hazardous environments.

MAJICMAJIC MAJIC is a state-of-the-art automated marinised Phased Array Inspection System to inspect welds on ship hulls reliably and by eliminating need of dry-docking and using divers.

VortexScannerVortexScanner VortexScanner uses vacuum adhesion technology and has been especially designed to navigate various large non-ferrous surfaces in inaccessible and hazardous environments with ease.