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North Wing, Old Livery, Hildersham Road, Cambridge, CB21 6DR, United Kingdom

Business Intelligence

Proposal Writing

InnoTecUK has extensive experience in national, European and worldwide funding schemes which aim to provide grants to support business development and sustainability. From identifying the appropriate funding routes to preparing full proposals and supporting the application and contracting process, InnoTecUK can do it all, thanks to our highly skilled and practiced team of writers and grant specialists. InnoTecUK can work with interested companies and organisations to identify suitable topics for collaborative activities, investigate said topics and prepare and ensure quality of proposals including ideas generation, consortium recruitment, proposal writing, proposal review, negotiation with funding bodies and providing legal advice. InnoTecUK has a dedicated and experienced team of project managers, scientists, engineers and market researchers that is able to assist our clients in this process.

Tender Writing

Becoming bid ready requires methodical preparation. InnoTecUK has experience in Tender Writing and can help gather data and documentation, produce evidence of successful performance and develop case studies from your experience. We can help in completing Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs), Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Invitations to Tender (ITTs) for public sector work. This requires a clear understanding of how the procurement process operates and having a well-defined approach for how to respond. What is most important is to consider what the buyer wants and tailoring your response accordingly. It is this simple fact that can be the difference between winning and losing a tender. InnoTecUK can guide you smoothly, expertly and cost-effectively through this entire process of bidding for public and private contracts, from identifying opportunities, developing bid strategies and responding to client's requirements, to managing and submitting the PQQs and tenders. We also improve the quality and impact of bids by reviewing samples of your tenders and proposals, analysing the scope for improvement and reporting back on steps to strengthen your competitiveness.

Business Planning

InnoTecUK realises that business planning is an essential part of developing a successful business as it provides a vision for the future of the organisation, helps define its structure and managerial aspects of how the business operates. The Business Planning section at InnoTecUK works to provide specific solutions to problems faced by our clients, where we provide detailed, bespoke solutions, rather than generic wisdom. As part of the development process of the business plan, the team reviews and evaluates possible product and service development options, based on the client's business aspirations. A detailed marketing and financial plan is developed, including customised market research to identify and review market needs. All possible risks are reviewed and evaluated. Leveraging on InnoTecUK's success in identifying grant funding, we can also offer potential funding options and applications. InnoTecUK is dedicated to finding the right solutions for clients and has the skills and experience to do so.